Curtain Cleaning

Curtain Cleaning Melbourne

Curtains provide privacy and can add a touch of flair to a room. Are your curtains starting to look a little dirty? Consider calling in the professionals at Omega Carpet Cleaning. 

We’re not just expert carpet cleaners, we can also clean curtains too! Why struggle to clean your curtains yourself when you can let the experts at Omega Carpet Cleaning do it for you! Revitalise the curtains in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom with our efficient, professional service.

Some of the types of curtains we can clean include:

Silk Curtain Cleaning

Silk curtains can need extra care and attention when being cleaned. Our team of cleaning experts can gently clean your curtains with thorough attention to detail and care.

Cotton Curtain Cleaning

Omega Carpet Cleaning can quickly and efficiently clean your cotton curtains, giving them a fresh new-again look.

Polyester Curtain Cleaning

Struggling to clean your polyester curtains? The team at Omega Carpet Cleaning have got you covered! We use the latest equipment to provide outstanding results to our clients.

Lace Curtain Cleaning

Often delicate and dainty, lace curtains need to be cleaned carefully to avoid snags and tears. Luckily, our team of experts have the know-how to get the job done right and return your curtains to you in excellent shape!

Drape Cleaning

Drapes are generally large and heavy, making them difficult to clean yourself. We can ensure your drapes are cleaned and ready to impress.

Commercial Curtain Cleaning

Do the curtains in your office, restaurant, hotel, or store require a professional clean? Omega Carpet Cleaning can complete efficient commercial curtain cleaning for your business. 

Why Choose Omega Carpet Cleaning?

Omega Carpet Cleaning has more than 15 years of experience within the cleaning industry.  We have worked with a number of high-profile clients over the years, and can handle jobs both big and small. We use only the safest equipment when working, and deliver outstanding results over and over. We aim to leave your curtains looking and smelling fresh and clean.

At Omega Carpet Cleaning, we don’t believe in cutting corners, and complete a thorough job each time. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we aim to leave each job with a happily impressed client. Want to know more about what our clients think of our service? Read our glowing reviews!

Do your curtains need a clean? Contact Omega Carpet Cleaning today for a FREE no obligation quote. Our happy, friendly team can also offer expert advice for your needs. Call us on 0406 996 819, or email us at 

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